Attack on Hindu students celebrating Holi in Karachi University : A few students injured

(Left side) Hindu students at the University of Karachi

Karachi (Pakistan) – An incident similar to the attack on Hindu students celebrating Holi at the Punjab University in Lahore has also taken place at the University of Karachi. Some Hindu students were injured in the attack by Muslim students. The incident was confirmed by the university authorities.

Hindu students were attacked while celebrating Holi in the Sindhi department of the university. Officials said such an incident is against our policy. We are investigating the incident.

A Hindu student tweeted a video of the incident. In this she said that some activists of Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba (IJT) organisation attacked them.

Editorial viewpoint

This is ‘respect all religions’ policy of Muslims in Islamic countries ! Please note that secularists and progressives in India never open their mouths about such incidents ! 

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