Delhi High Court orders FIR against ‘College Romance’ web series director and actor

Language used in the web series is vulgar and indecent !

New Delhi – The Delhi High Court has ordered an FIR against ‘College Romance’ web series director Samarpreet Singh and actor Apoorva Arora. The Court opined while giving the order that, ‘The language used in this web series is vulgar, indecent and obscene. It will pollute the minds of the youth’.

Justice Swarna Kanta Sharma said, “The language used in this web series is so vulgar that we had to use earphones in our chamber while watching it. We cannot even make someone listen to the dialogues used in the series. We cannot allow the usage of such language in the name of individual freedom. Considering the language generally used by the common citizens, this language does not pass the test of decency”.

Editorial viewpoint

Government has introduced guidelines to control the propagation of violence and vulgarity through web series; but it is not being followed. Hence, such cases continue to happen. Government is expected to seriously look into the matter in the interest of citizens !

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