There is religious freedom in India : Sydney University report

Smack in the face for BBC

Professor Salvatore Babones

Canberra (Australia) – India is the biggest democratic country in the world where about 50% population of the world lives and is free and capable of expressing their opinion through impartial elections. There is religious freedom in India, says professor Salvatore Babones in a report prepared by Sydney University. It is, therefore, felt that the statement made by Babones is positive for India in the background of India’s defamation by international media like BBC.

It has been stated in the report,

A. The words ‘Hindu’ and ‘India’ originated from the Sanskrut language.

B. On the 6th of December 2022, a 45-year-old woman was arrested in Birmingham, Britain for silently praying near a clinic, but people following different religions can worship in public places in India which can be seen many times on the roads. If any country is accused of increasing communal hostility, that is atheist Britain.

C. The ‘honourable’ Pew Research Centre has placed India on the list of the worst nations in the world as regards communal hostility. Pew Research Centre is attacking Indian institutions with a specific motive.

D. A large number of Indians say that they can follow their religion, but Pew Research Centre has claimed that in India, where Hindus are the majority population, some Muslims complain about discrimination. The US State Department of International Religious Freedom, USA Government sponsored United States Commission on International Religious Freedom and the United Nations Human Rights Commission are targeting India.