Muslims attack Hindus over Holi donations in Meerut (UP)

Argument broke out when local Muslim Corporator asked Hindus collecting Holi donations to convert to Islam !

Meerut (UP) – While some Hindus in the Harinagar area of Meerut city were collecting donations for the Holi celebration that has 50 years of history, local Corporator Shahzad Mewati, his brother Bhura, Bhura’s children Intezar and Saifu reached there and confronted them. They asked Hindus to accept their donations and then convert to Islam. An argument broke out after the religious fanatics mocked Hindu youth over seeking donations.

A Muslim mob attacked the Hindus and vandalised the area. They also kicked the wooden pyre made for the sacred Holi fire. Two Hindu youths have been injured in the incident and three persons have been arrested so far. Additional Police personnel has been deployed in the area.

(Credit : IndiaTV)

Editorial Viewpoints

  • The Hindus are wondering how Muslim fanatics dare to attack Hindus when BJP Government is in power in UP !
  • Yet another example of how Rahul Gandhi and other secular hypocrites remain silent on such attacks !
  • A Muslim Corporator is asking Hindus to convert to Islam. If in the future, proud Hindu public representatives of the country appeal converted Muslims to re-convert to Hindu Dharma, will it be called unjustified ?

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