China spying through CCTV cameras, ban China made CCTVs !

Arunachal Pradesh MLA demands to Prime Minister Modi !

(Image credit : CNN)

Itanagar (Arunachal Pradesh) – China has not only betrayed India on the border but also attacked the country’s IT (Information Technology) infrastructure. Chinese-made ‘CCTV’ cameras should be banned. Ninong Ering, former Union Minister and Congress MLA from Pasighat West in Arunachal Pradesh State, has written to Prime Minister Modi, demanding that Chinese CCTVs should not be used in Government offices and general population should also be instructed to avoid its usage. According to an estimate, there are nearly 2 million CCTV cameras in India and 90% of them, about 1.8 million cameras, are made in China. Interestingly, these types of cameras have also been installed in Indian Government offices.

MLA Ering added that,

1. China can use these cameras for spying. These cameras can be used as China’s ‘eyes and ears.’

2. The present law is inadequate to deal with such a challenge. In such a situation India needs to take a big step.

3. A US intelligence establishment has said that Chinese hackers have become a threat to the world. Hackers are currently focusing on Northern India.