A Hindu youth who married a Muslim girl, killed by the girl’s brothers in Hyderabad, Telangana !

(Right side) Harish

Hyderabad (Telangana) – In a ghastly incident that has come to light in Hyderabad, a youth named Harish, who was married to a Muslim girl, was stabbed to death by her brothers near the temple. Harish was missing for the last 10 days. Police have detained some suspects and their investigation is on.

1. Harish, a resident of Devarkonda, moved to the Ellareddiguda area in ​​Hyderabad 7 months ago. There he got introduced to a Muslim girl. The couple developed a love for each other, but the girl’s family did not accept it. The girl’s brothers had asked Harish to stay away from her and even beat him up.

2. Even after this, they were in touch through social media. They married secretly 10 days ago but lived apart. Harish’s family did not know where he was staying. On the other hand, as the Muslim girl was also missing, her brothers started a search. They abducted Harish’s friend Shiva and extracted information about Harish from him.

3. When the girl’s brothers learned that Harish was in the Dulpally area, they went to meet him. When they met near the Anjaneya Swamy temple, the girl’s brothers stabbed Harish with a knife. The girl was also present at the spot. Her brothers took her away from the spot. Police have registered a case in this matter and 5 people have been arrested.

Editorial Viewpoint

The so-called secularists and reformists who say that ‘love has no religion’ when Hindus raise voice against Love Jihad, hide after such incidents !