Atheist leader who insulted Sri Ayyappa Swamy, beaten up by crowd !

Beaten up by breaking into Police vehicle

(Right side) Bhairi Naresh, president of the Indian Atheist Society 

(Image credit : The Hindustan Gazette)

Hanamkonda (Telangana) – Bairi Naresh, the state president of the Atheist Society of India (Bharat Nastik Sangha), was beaten up by a mob after breaking into a Police vehicle. He hurt Hindu sentiments by making derogatory statements about Sri Ayyappa Swamy. All of the attackers, in this case, have been arrested by the Police. Naresh was arrested and jailed for insulting Sri Ayyappa Swamy on 31st December 2022. He was later released on bail. Bairi Naresh constantly made derogatory statements about Hindu Deities, causing public resentment against him. Because of this, he has had to face people’s wrath even before. More than 200 complaints have been lodged against Naresh in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Bairi Naresh attended a program organised by students at a law college in Hanamkonda. There he got information that some people were coming to beat him up. Frightened, Naresh immediately called the Police. The Police immediately came and took Naresh into the Police vehicle and protected him. By then, the angry mob reached there and the mob broke into the Police vehicle and trashed Naresh.

Editorial viewpoint

Hindus believe that a strict law should be enacted to prevent the denigration of Deities so that such incidents can be prevented !