Calangute market lane claimed to be known as ‘Pakistan Lane’ and ‘Muslim Lane’ !

  • Goan fanatic Muslims’ love for Pakistan !
  • Patriotic locals of Calangute teach a lesson, demanding apology from the fanatic !

Mapusa (Goa) – A foreigner was video-shooting in a market at Calangute when a fanatic Muslim explained to him that some parts of the Calangute market were known as ‘Pakistan Galli (lane)’ and ‘Muslim Galli’. The video became viral on social media when the patriotic citizens of Calangute asked the Muslim to go on his knees and apologise, besides making him raise the slogan of ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’.

A foreigner is first seen video-shooting in the market. As he reaches the lane where there is mostly Muslim population, it is observed that a fanatic Muslim is giving him information about the lane as ‘Pakistan Galli’ and ‘Muslim Galli’. This video became viral on social media when the patriotic local citizens took this fanatic Muslim to task and warned him that staying in India but having loyalty to Pakistan would not be tolerated. They told him that people of all religions are happily staying in Goa, but he was referring to the road as Pakistan Lane and Muslim Lane, thus creating communal discord. If such things continued, the fanatic Muslims would not be allowed to carry on business in Calangute. They also told him to go to Pakistan and carry on his business there if he felt so much love for Pakistan, and admonished him for hurting the religious sentiments of people. An old newspaper published in Goa has, however, reported the incident as fanatic nationalism; therefore, people were surprised at the stand taken by this newspaper in favour of pro-Pakistani fanatic Muslims.

(Credit : ingoanews)

Editorial viewpoint

The action taken by locals of Calangute is their patriotism. Pakistan is an enemy of India. It has carried out terrorist activities in India. It has set up terrorist bases on the border; therefore, if Muslims from Goa are, only because they are Muslims by religion, going to openly support Pakistan in any sport, giving them a reply in the same language is intense patriotism but ridiculing it as fanatic nationalism; a disgusting form of nationalism, etc. shows Hindu-hatred of these periodicals !

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