World War 3 will divide the world into three groups !

India will be in the third group !

Washington (US) – With the Russia-Ukraine war still raging after a year, many defense experts believe that the world is speeding towards World War 3. If this happens, like it or not, many countries will fall into the trenches of this world war.

(Credit : Aaj Tak)

Former Vice-president of the US Federal Intelligence Service and defense expert Rudolph G.M. said, “If World War 3 starts, the world will be divided into three groups”. He further said that the US and Russia will stand face to face in it. Some countries will support the US, while others will stand by Russia. The third group in this war will be those countries, which have some interests with the countries of the above two groups, but they don’t want war. Yet unwillingly war will be imposed on them too.

1. The first group will include Western liberal and capitalist countries on one side. The US, Canada, England, Japan, Australia and some European countries will be part of it. South Korea will also be part of the same group because the US has helped them from time to time.

2. The second group will include Russia. Belarus, Iran, Syria, Venezuela and North Korea. China is likely to be part of this group. The reason behind that would be ‘China’s attempt to bring itself forward as a superpower instead of the US’. Also, as the proverb goes, ‘The enemy of the enemy is our friend’, China can play diplomatic tricks.

3. The third group will consist of developing countries. A country which has proved to be challenge for developed countries can lead this group. It will include India and other Asian countries. South America and Arab countries can also be part of this group. They will try to stop the war.

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