Three time-bombs confiscated from a Muslim youth in Bihar

  • Three Muslims arrested
  • Suspected to have connection with Pakistan   

Muzaffarpur (Bihar) – The Police confiscated 3 time-bombs from a local named Mohammad Javed. Three accused have been arrested in this case and are found to have connections with Pakistan. These accused prepared bombs after watching a video on ‘YouTube’. Javed, his accomplice Mohammad Shami from Bulandshahr, and one more person had purchased batteries from Jharkhand and wire from Bengal for making bombs. They also bought a small watch from a local shop in Muzaffarpur, required for making bombs. Their motive behind making bombs is not yet known. Javed’s brother is absconding and the search is on to find him.

One of the accused had a mobile number from Pakistan. It is also learnt that Javed had been to Kashmir. A photo of a person with burns was found in Javed’s mobile phone. Police have a doubt that this person might have got burns in the blast while making bombs.

Editorial viewpoint

Had some Hindus been arrested in such a case, it would have become an international news !