Why is Gandhi family afraid of using Nehru surname ?

PM Modi’s question in Rajya Sabha !

PM Narendra Modi

New Delhi – Some people’s hair used to stand erect or blood used to boil if Nehruji’s name was not mentioned in a programme but I don’t understand why people from his generation are afraid to use Nehru surname. What is there to be ashamed of the surname Nehru ? Such a great person is not acceptable to you and your family and you are asking to give us account ? This was the question raised by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Rajya Sabha while criticising Congress and Gandhi family while replying to the ’Motion of Thanks’. The members of opposition parties tried to create disturbance during his speech by their sloganeering as ‘Modi-Adani bhai bhai’.

Key points raised by PM Modi in his speech !    

Only one person is more than enough !

The country is watching that just one person is more than enough for all. While different people are coming to raise slogans, I am talking for an hour without a break. They (opposition parties) have no guts and trying to find a way to get away.

India is not a property of one family !     

It needs to be noted by some people that India is a country that has come up due to the hard work put in by her ordinary citizens and by the traditions followed by generations. The country is not a family property. We have given awards in the name of Dhyanchand. We have named the islands of Andaman after the ‘Paramveer Chakra’ awardees.

Nothing was done to remove poverty !

Everyone gives promises something on forming the Government. There used to be a slogan of removing poverty earlier, but nothing happened in four decades. The pace of progress, the purpose of progress, its direction, efforts, and effects are important. We have to work hard to meet people’s needs and aspirations.

North-East India didn’t get electricity as there was no vote bank !

Congress had no vote bank in North-East India; therefore, nothing was done to provide electricity in the region. We provided electricity to 18,000 villages. They progressed and developed faith in Government systems. We have won that faith. We are happy to see a ray of hope in the remote villages after so many years of Independence.

Congress used farmers for its political gains     

Small farmers were neglected. Nobody heard their voice. Our Government, however, paid attention to small farmers; connected them with banking facilities, and ‘Kisan Sanman Nidhi’ is credited to their accounts thrice a year.

Attempts were made to deride our scientists who made vaccine !

So many attempts were made to deride our scientists who prepared the anti-Corona vaccine; articles were written and things were said against them. We were called anti-science, and anti-technology. Not a single chance was missed to insult our scientists. The opposition parties are not concerned about the welfare of the country. They are worried only about their political gains.

Congress 90 times dismissed the elected State Governments !

Those who are sitting in opposition have taken away the rights of States. Who was in power; which party ruled; who used article 357; who are those who have, 90 times, toppled the elected Governments ? Moreover, one of the Prime Ministers i.e. Indira Gandhi used article 356 on 50 occasions. The people who are supporting them today in Kerala, i.e. the leftist Government was in power at that time. It was, however, not appreciated by Nehruji and he dismissed the Government. Congress has toppled Government’s led by renowned leaders like MGR and Karunanidhi in Tamil Nadu. In 1980, Sharad Pawar became the Chief Minister but even his Government was ousted; today, he is also with Congress.

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