History of Khalistani separatists and their Planning

Gurpatwant Singh Pannu

Ninety-three years ago, Motilal Nehru submitted a proposal for ‘Poorna Swarajya (Complete Independence)’. At that time 3 groups opposed him. The first among them was Jinnah’s Muslim League; the second was Dr Ambedkar’s Dalit faction, while the third was Tara Singh’s Shiromani Akali Dal.

This third group is the origin of the Khalistan movement. Since then, the Sikhs have been wanting a separate Province from India.
Indira Gandhi executed the ‘Operation Blue Star’ in the year 1984 against this separatist group, and just when Indians were beginning to believe that the Khalistan movement to divide India has ended, Indira Gandhi was assassinated. After this, several organisations of Khalistani separatists abroad have continued to grow secretly.

In the year 2007, Gurpatwant Singh Pannu founded ‘Sikhs for Justice’ in USA – an anti-India organisation. In the name of collecting public opinion, this organisation has been spreading hatred for India and anti-India sentiments around the world. Thus, it is uniting the pro-Khalistan separatists and raising the demand for an independent Khalistan.

It is no secret that the Khalistani separatists were the main suppliers of food during the Shaheen Bagh agitation in New Delhi and they were also the covert force behind the anti-Government agitation on the streets of Delhi that continued to cause setback to the Union Government for a year and finally force it to repeal the Farm Laws.

These incidents revealed the power of the anti-India Khalistani separatists, their expansion outside India and the huge financial support these separatists have received from abroad.

On 5th January 2022, Prime Minister Modi, who was on his way to attend a BJP rally at Ferozpur in Punjab, had to stop at a bridge on the way and return due to security concerns. This also proved that the secret conspiracy of Khalistan has reached a level where the separatists can also take the life of the Prime Minister of our country. The Union Government must take a note of the fact that the Khalistani separatists, who have assassinated a former Prime Minister of the country, are treading a dangerous path.

The refutation has to be ideological

So far, Hindus have never considered Sikhism as a separate religion; they have very much been a part and parcel of the Hindu fold. However, under the influence of the British, the anti-Hindu rulers of the Congress started referring to Sikhs as belonging to a separate religion.
Recently, a music teacher of Guru Harkishan Singh Public School was suspended by the ‘Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee’ for organising worship of Goddess Saraswati in this School. This incident raises the question – Is this under the influence of Khalistanis who are close to Islam, which is against Idol worship ?

Anti-Government protests of Khalistani separatists in India have time and again revealed that these separatists nurture hatred for Indians and Hindus; they have joined hands with terrorists. We should remind our Sikh brethren that hundreds of Sikh revolutionaries who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of India definitely did not do so for seeking a separate Khalistan. We should make them aware that it is inappropriate on the part of the coming generations of these revolutionaries to make efforts to divide India.

It is necessary to awaken national pride among our Sikh brethren. Sikhs, who approach terrorists since they are India’s enemies, turn a blind-eye to the atrocities taking place against Sikh girls and brethren in Pakistan. Pakistan also has Sikh Gurdwaras and pilgrimage centres; hence, will Khalistani separatists demand land for them in Pakistan too ? These so-called separatists need to answer this question.
The fact is that Sikhs are Kafirs (Infidels) according to Islam – this should be instilled in the Sikhs. The fight of the Sikh Gurus against Islam, the army raised by them for this, the continuous persecution of Sikhs by the Islamic kings and the sacrifices made by the Sikhs in the fight against Islam should be kept awakened in the Sikh society – and they should be asked to oppose the Khalistan movement. Is the Government taking any steps in this direction ? The Government is obliged to make a statement on this issue.

Sikh brethren and Khalistani separatists should be made aware of their true history, and thus, their National pride should be awakened. After all, any agitation or movement has some ideological foundation. Khalistani separatists should be told how hollow their ideological foundation is and that their real enemy is not India or Hindu Dharma but Islam.

Today, Islam is being opposed worldwide as its flaws at the ideological level have come to the fore. Not only should the Khalistan movement be broken through diplomacy with a strict policy, the Sikhs in India too should be ideologically enlightened !

The Government must take steps to break the anti-India movement of Khalistani separatists !

The Khalistan movement should be broken through diplomacy and Sikhs in India should be ideologically enlightened !