Hindutva supports murder, violence, and discrimination ! : Siddaramaiah, Congress leader, Karnataka

Siddaramaiah’s Hindu hatred !

Siddaramaiah, Congress leader, Karnataka

Kalaburagi (Karnataka) – ‘Hindutva is anti-constitutional. Hindutva and Hinduism are two different concepts. I am not against Hinduism. I too am a Hindu, but I am against Hindutva and Manuvad (ideology of the Manu)’, Siddaramaiah, Congress leader and State leader of the opposition, said at an event in Kalaburagi. He also said, ‘No religion condones killings and violence, but killings, violence, and discrimination are supported in Hindutva’.

Siddaramaiah further said that he is opposed to Hindutva and politics based on it. According to the Constitution of India, the beliefs of all religions are equal.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • What is there in Islam ? What is the religion of terrorists ? How did the Portuguese convert the Hindus in Goa ? Who forced Hindus to flee from Kashmir ? Can Siddaramaiah talk about such things ?
  • Had there been murder, violence, and discrimination in Hinduism, today the majority of Hindus would not have become a minority in 9 States ! They would not have had to flee from Kashmir and Siddaramaiah too would have had to think before making this statement !

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