Snakes in the Ganga : Breaking India 2.0 – Uncovering the threats to India

(Retd) Brigadier Hemant Mahajan

It is known worldwide that China and Pakistan are the greatest threats to India, but it is not known to many that some American institutions are also a threat to India. India is a democratic country and so is the US. It is said that the US and western countries will help India develop, but Mr Rajiv Malhotra’s book ‘Snakes in the Ganga’ reveals some very different aspects, such as – How are different institutions in the US working to stop India’s progress and break it ? Who is conspiring towards it ? How to squash it ?

1. USA’s ‘Ford Foundation’ provides financial help running into millions of dollars to anti-India institutions since no one wants India to progress

China has bought Periodicals such as the ‘Washington Post’ and ‘New York Times’ considers itself as superior to India. Some Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in the US, led by the Ford Foundation, want to dominate India. The Ford Foundation was established in 1936 by Edsel Ford, son of Henry Ford, the founder of the Ford Motor Company. In India, the Ford Foundation helps many social organisations, a large number of which are Jihadis, engaged in breaking India, and some are Leftist organisations wanting to stop the development of India.

One of the richest personalities in the US, George Soros, funds these organisations with millions of dollars. Some of these American institutions have a superior racial attitude – thinking that since they are white and Indians are brown, the Indians should follow them. However, this is completely against the Indian sentiment. The two main political parties – Republicans and Democrats don’t want India to grow. But they cannot be blamed since after their elections one of these parties is going to be elected in the US.

2. Indian origin Vice-President of US, Kamala Harris, has taken an anti-India stance

Some Non-resident Indians hold high political positions in the US, but they hate India. When Kamala Harris of Indian origin became the Vice-President of the US, many Indians were happy. By becoming the Vice-President of the world’s most powerful country it was expected that India would get all the support required, including permanent membership of the United Nations Security Council. But nothing happened. Instead, after becoming the Vice-President, she started speaking against India. A similar state exists in the Indian media, where many in the industry feel India should not progress.

3. Many Indians in the US are heading the biggest multinational companies but India continues to be opposed. As a result, many Indians are increasingly being attacked and a large number have lost their lives in the US.

The British recently elected their new Government. The former Indian-origin, Home Secretary of Britain, Suella Braverman, was more interested in speaking against India. On being elected as UK’s Home Secretary she was asked if the relations between India and Britain could be improved. She replied it was impossible since many Indian migrants overstay their visas, implying that there is illegal immigration from India to England. We have to accept it at a certain level. Some migrants must be staying illegally, but the proportion is very negligible.
Majority of Indian origin nationals in the US are very hard working. The US is the world’s largest economy and the US dollar is also very strong. The reason for America’s strong economic conditions is because of the hard-working people of Indian origin. In every sector, the Indian origin nationals are working diligently. According to statistics, 30% of the scientists in NASA are Indians. Despite Indian CEO’s heading the top 100 companies of the world (such as Google, Microsoft), India still faces opposition. Recently an Indian origin Sikh family, including an eight-month baby girl, were killed senselessly. A Hindu temple was also targeted in Leicester, England, while Indians are also being attacked in Canada. The Brampton, Ontario region in Canada held a referendum on Khalistan in which over 1,00,000 Canadian Sikhs participated. India requested the Canadian Government to stop the referendum but they refused to stop the Canadian Sikhs from expressing their views, linking it to the peaceful and democratic process within the legal parameters of their country’s laws.

4. An intense war against India is in process, fuelled by powerful forces in the US

In his book ‘Breaking India 2.0’, Mr Rajiv Malhotra has described in detail the same intense war led by these powerful forces working against India. This war includes a very strong orchestrated global machinery with a new ideology. According to them India was never a Nation. The concept of India came into existence in 1947. India would have not existed if the British had not come. Actually, this is completely erroneous. They have formulated a ‘Critical Race Theory’ with their creed, which says that American white people and the American Educational Institutes are superior to the Indian Institutions and the education system. Americans have a misunderstanding that in India the minorities are unsafe, casteism is prevalent, there is harassment of women, and atrocities are committed by the ruling people.

They think that to save India from all these issues, it should be divided into pieces so that the attacks on the Indians stop and India comes forth as a good Nation. In addition, they have propounded an ideology known as the ‘Woke’ Ideology (Single-word summation of leftist political ideology). Some of the institutes conduct research on how to break up India to ‘save India’ from the abovementioned issues. They think that Harvard University is the Vishwa Guru which will save India. It is also called ‘Wokeism’, and China is taking advantage of this.

5. Millions of dollars are given to Indian social organisations to prevent India from developing

We all are aware that the US organisations are giving Rs 50-60,000 crores to some organisations in India (which includes NGOs working for human rights), to create obstacles in development, work against atrocities faced by women and to protect the environment. These non-profit organisations paint a picture that the weak are oppressed in India, whereas in reality the persecution rate in China is 100 times more than it is in India and it is much higher in the US than it is in China. The US has a Gun Policy in place. Americans kill their own citizens. Americans don’t want to work, instead they want their entire work to be done by the migrant Indians.

6. Industrialist sons of Joe Biden are influenced by China and adhere to strategies beneficial to China

Some Indian intellectuals visit the US to defame India by spreading false information. More important, they propound their views that the Government in India must be changed. The citizens of India have elected this Government. If they feel that the current Government is not working as per their expectations, they will vote for a better Government next time. All the decisions right from the Central Government to the Panchayat level are taken in a democratic way.

The very essential laws – CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) and NRC (National Register of Citizens) were opposed in India. The farmers were instigated to protest and block roads in New Delhi. Through various ways, China has penetrated the US. Chinese have huge investments in the businesses of US President Joe Biden’s sons. Biden’s sons are influenced by China, and they make changes in the US policies that could be beneficial to China – Mr Malhotra’s book exposes many such aspects.

7. The reason for the book’s title – ‘Snakes in the Ganga : Breaking India 2.0’

People might think why the book is titled so. Ganga is a sacred River for all Indians who believe that bathing in the River Ganga begets merits and leads to a good life; if this River has snakes, it is dangerous for the Nation. The Ganga which we considered safe, has become dangerous now. Today, even if the water on the surface seems calm, there are threats under the surface. The way British colonized India 200 years ago and ruled over India for many years, the same way the US is planning the colonization of India.

The first book authored by Mr Malhotra was numbered 1.0, in which he has mentioned the various threats to India. After rigorous research it was found that some people are silently working against India. They are influencing people in various sectors and misguiding them that the Central Government is responsible for the atrocities on Dalits, Muslims and women, etc. and this Government should be thrown out. This book exposes the seditious propaganda and anti-India acts appropriately. It also sheds light on who are the ’Snakes’ (referred to in the book), how some people in India help these seditious people to work against their own country and how a democratic country like the US could harm India. Yet, we should not say that the US is a wicked country.

The 3-4% Indian origin individuals work very hard, but George Soros, institutions such as the Ford Foundation, Harvard University are working against India. Many bright young Indians are lured into Harvard’s orbit, tutored and brainwashed before being exported back to India to spread this dangerous thinking in different parts of the country, which will create a hurdle in the development of India.

Marxism and Communism are related to Russia and China, but some Americans think that no one can develop the country without them. They sometimes raise unnecessary issues.

8. India should realise and remove the emerging threats mentioned in ‘Snakes in the Ganga’

We should thank Mr Rajiv Malhotra the author of ‘Snakes in the Ganga 2.0’. It is a proactive book and an eye opener for all Indians. This is yet another wake-up call for India. According to me, every Indian should read this book and understand the threats to our country. The important point is how India organises a counter-movement in response to these threats. Unless we understand the threats deeply, we will be unable to thwart them. This book helps identify the enemies of India. Thus, every Indian should read the book ‘Snakes in the Ganga : Breaking India 2.0’. Jai Hind !

– (Retd) Brigadier Hemant Mahajan, Pune.

The way British colonized & ruled over India for many years, the same way the US is planning the colonization of India !

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