Aslam Khan arrested when trying to get married for the 7th time hiding his religion

He was marrying poor underage Hindu girls !

Arrested accused Aslam Khan

Ranchi (Jharkhand) –  The Police have arrested a Muslim man named Aslam Khan who pretended to be a Hindu Police inspector, married poor underage Hindu girls and then sold them in other States. He had previously married 6 times after cheating on people. When he tried to carry out his 7th marriage by hiding his religion his plot was revealed.

Aslam was deceiving people by pretending to be a Police inspector and marrying underage girls after promising to get them loans. A preliminary investigation by the Police has revealed that Aslam Khan is associated with a human trafficking gang. At the behest of the gang, he marries poor girls of a certain community and hides his religion and identity. Later it came to light that the girls were being sold in a different State.

Editorial viewpoint

Secularists and liberals will not open their mouths on such incidents !