Muslim men indulge in ‘love jihad’

  • Survey by ‘India Today’ and ‘CVoter’
  • 53% of respondents opine
(Image credit : India Today)

New Delhi – A challenge is facing India today and that is Love jihad. According to this 53% of people opine that Muslim men indulge in ‘Love jihad’. The survey was conducted on 1,00,040 persons and 53% of respondents opined on what has been stated above. India Today’ and ‘C Voter’ had surveyed under India Today Mood of the Nation survey. In this survey, India Today interviewed 1,40,917 persons  C  Voter 1,05,008. Their analysis showed that 53% confirmed that ‘Love jihad’ does exist in India and Muslim men were involved.

Editorial viewpoint

Hope the Liberals and secularists accept that ‘Love jihad’ does exist in India on a large scale.

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