Muslims kill a Hindu youth nearby a mosque

  • Incident at Gopalganj (Bihar)
  • Clashes over playing cricket
  • Hindus attacked even when carrying his dead body and passing through Muslim majority area

Gopalganj (Bihar) – On the 27th of January 2023, the local Muslims killed a Hindu youth named Ankit Kumar who had gone to buy vegetables in Basdila village near a mosque. Muslims also attacked his friends, viz. Hari Om, Chandan Kumar, and Shivam Kumar who got injured in the attack. Ankit Kumar’s body was being taken through the village of attackers when they attacked the Hindus again. Police resorted to lathi-charge and fired rounds in the air. Now, a large Police force has been deployed in the area and there is peace but tension. There were arguments about playing cricket, which resulted in the murder. It may be mentioned here that the local Panchayat solved the dispute.

1. A case has been filed against Shahadat Miya, Shamsher Miya, Sonu Miya, Arif Miya, Munna Miya, Adil Ali, Subhan Ahmad, Ahmad Ali, and Dilshad Ali in connection with Ankit’s murder. It is also reported that there was the involvement of 30–35 people along with a few women in the murder.

2. Ankit’s father Mohan Prasad said that Ankit and his friends were passing by a mosque when they were surrounded by a few Muslims who started thrashing Ankit. He was taken to a nearby house and was throttled.

3. Bihar Police have informed through their tweet that during clashes over playing cricket in Basdila village, a youth named Ankit Kumar was injured, and died while undergoing treatment. Six persons have been arrested in this connection.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Bihar is ruled by anti-Hindu ‘Sanyukta Janata Dal (SJD)’ and ‘Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD)’ parties; therefore, Hindus are facing the same situation as Hindus from Pakistan.
  • The people of the State need to unite and try to elect pro-Hindu rulers !
  • Those, who make noise about Muslims being unsafe in this country, always keep mum on such incidents !