All 2,459 madarasas in Bihar will be investigated !

A case has been registered against 609 madarasas for claiming Government subsidies using false documents

Patna (Bihar) –  Now after Uttar Pradesh and Assam the madarasas of Bihar will also be investigated. The Patna High Court has given an order in this regard. There are a total of 2,459 madarasas in the state and they will be investigated. An order has also been passed asking the government to stop providing subsidies to 609 madarasas until the enquiry is completed.

These madarasas were getting Government subsidies by submitting fake documents. Muhammad Alauddin Bismil has filed a Public Interest Litigation in the Court regarding madarasas receiving subsidies on the basis of forged documents. The Court gave the above order when listening to this hearing. The Court has also asked all the Collectors to hold a meeting in this regard. The Court has ordered the Director-General of Police to submit a report regarding the action taken after registering a case against the 609 madarasas.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Instead of investigating each and every madarasa  it would be better to ban madarasas across the country ! Is there any type of benefit to the nation from the education being provided in these madarasas ? How much damage is it causing the country ? The Government must analyze this and present it to the people !
  • Was the administration sleeping when the Government provided subsidies were being siphoned off through fake documents ? Strict action should be taken against the responsible officials.