NCC students at Aligarh Muslim University raise slogans of ‘Allah-hu-Akbar’ on Republic Day !

(NCC – National Cadet Corps)

(Allah-hu-Akbar – Allah is great )  

NCC students raising slogans of Allah-hu-Akbar and Nara-e-Takhbeer

Aligarh (Uttar Pradesh) – On the 26th of January 2023, after hoisting the flag on the occasion of Republic Day at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), the Muslim students from NCC raised slogans of ‘Allah-hu-Akbar (Allah is great)’ and ‘Nara-e-Takhbeer (Allah is the greatest)’. The video of the event has become viral on social media.

1. Prof. Mohd Wasim Ali of AMU said that they were trying to identify the students with the help of the video and legal action would be taken against them. AMU’s Vice-Chancellor (VC) Tariq Mansoor was standing close to these students on the occasion. (Please note that such kind of slogans are raised in the presence of the VC, and he is not stopping them ! It shows what the Muslim students must be studying at AMU and what would be its outcome. It is now time to close down such universities. – Editor)

2. Dr Nishit Sharma, a former student of AMU and BJP leader, has lodged a complaint with Aligarh Police and additional Superintendent of Police Kalanidhi Naithani. He stated in the complaint that it was necessary to investigate the intention of the fanatic students raising slogans on Republic Day; what was the message sent through such kind of slogans. The country has high respect for the Constitution of India. Through such slogans, were those students trying to create discord in India; how were they allowed to raise such slogans, and which ideology was active and supporting such thinking, etc. The Police should take cognizance of the issue and take necessary action.

Editorial Viewpoint

NCC students can, later, get admission into military or paramilitary force. We can imagine the kind of job these students would do if they were recruited into our forces. Therefore, it is required to think about whether to impart such training to these students.