TN Assembly approves the Sethusamudram Project

The Project aims at joining the Palk Strait and the Gulf of Mannar between India and Sri Lanka by digging a 83 km. channel for a shipping route. Presently, ships have to navigate around Sri Lanka to reach India, but this channel will save on the journey.

Chennai (Tamil Nadu) – MK Stalin, Chief Minister of DMK-led Tamil Nadu, approved the proposal of the Sethusamudram Project which involves the demolition of ‘Ram Setu’. The proposal was opposed by the BJP. A petition has already been filed in the Court to declare ‘Ram Setu’ a national monument.
On BJP’s opposition, MK Stalin commented that the Project would generate employment for 50,000 people. Former CM Karunanidhi had also said the same. Funds were alloted under former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee, but BJP’s opposition was for political reasons. The former CM Jayalalitha was also in favour of the Project, but changed her stand and filed a case against it.

Only DMK leaders will benefit from the Project : BJP

K Annamalai (BJP President for TN) said that Stalin has misled the Legislative Assembly about the Project. ‘Ram Setu’ will not be allowed to be destroyed. The Committee set up by PM Modi to study this Project has not yet submitted its report. Stalin even ignored the advice of Professor S Murthy, that the demolition of ‘Ram Setu’ could lead to a tsunami. Only DMK leaders will benefit from the Project since they own shipping companies.

‘Ram Setu’ will not be tampered with : Union Govt. to SC

Union Government’s affidavit to the Supreme Court in 2018 said that considering the legendary importance of ‘Ram Setu’, it will not be tampered with in any way in the national interests.

Saints will oppose every attempt to damage ‘Ram Setu’ !

Saint Diwakar Acharya said, “This Project is against Sanatan Dharma. If the Government tries to damage ‘Ram Setu’, it will be stringently punished. Saints will oppose every attempt to damage ‘Ram Setu’.”

Editorial Viewpoint

  • This anti-Hindu project is being opposed for many years. Congress had refused to even acknowledge the existence of Prabhu Shriram due to this project. Yet, the atheist, anti-Hindu DMK Government, which is trying to attack Hindu seats of faith, should note that it will be politically destroyed like the Congress was !
  • The Union Government should declare ‘Ram Setu’ a National monument and cancel the Project !

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