The Union Government should look into it immediately and try to stop this defamation !

New Delhi – An artificial intelligence technology called Chat GPT has been tagged as an anti-Hindu AI for reportedly insulting Hindu Deities. This technology uses ‘artificial intelligence’. Think of it as a robot that answers all your questions, ask it a question, and it will give you the exact answer. If you have to write a leave application to your boss, then it will write it too. This technology has the capability of doing all these things.

The controversy regarding Chat GPT erupted because when asked about the Hindu religion, it was seen giving derogatory and insulting answers. This AI is making fun of religious books like Ramayan, and Shriram, Lakshman, and Sita. Not just this, but the AI is telling jokes about Shriram, Sita, Lakshman, and Ramayan. Meanwhile, when asking a question regarding jokes on other religions such as Christianity and Islam, Chat GPT says that it is hurting religious sentiments.  This means that CHAT GPT is programmed in such a way that it makes fun of Hindu Dharma but takes care of the sentiments of other religions. This new technology has been designed by the scientists of western countries in such a way that it humiliates Hindu Dharma, and on asking questions related to other religions, apologises by connecting it with religious sentiments.

The ‘Chat GTP’ if asked to tell a joke about Ramayan, gives it but it also adds ‘it must be remembered that Ramayan is a Hindu religious book and should be respected’. When asked about jokes about other religions it does not give a joke but says that the question is inappropriate. This means that this technology knows the importance of Ramayan, but still jokes about it. This technology responds as it is programmed (coded). This means that while coding this technology it has been programmed to make objectionable and denigrating remarks on Hindu Dharma.