I spent 1.5 crores to win the elections

Sarpanch from Haryana

Hisar (Haryana) – I have become a Sarpanch after having spent Rs. 1.5 crore. So those threatening me with the ‘Right to recall’ will be sent away in 2024, stated a Sarpanch from the Hansi area. His video has been published on social media. This video happens to be from the programme organised on 15th January against the Panchayat Minister of the State Devendra Babali.

Editorial viewpoint

Everyone in this country knows that every candidate needs to spend money like water for winning the election. Money needs to be distributed to get elected. The Sarpanch in Haryana himself has stated this. It is beyond imagination that if a Sarpanch spends 1.5 crores to get elected then how much a Corporator, MLA, or MP must be spending to win elections ?

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