After Babri Masjid BJP continues to target Gyanvapi mosque and the Shahi Idqah Masjid

CPI(M) leader John Brittas`s baseless allegations

CPI(M) leader John Brittas

Kozhikode (Kerala) – BJP first targeted Babri Masjid and is now targeting Gyanvapi Masjid and Eidgah Masjid in Mathura, Communist Party of India (Marxist) leader John Brittas made these baseless remarks during a conference of the Kerala Nadvathul Mujahideen in Kozhikode.

Brittas expressed being disappointed by the fact that BJP leader V. Muralidharan and Governor of Goa and former state president of BJP in Kerala PS Sreedharan Pillai were invited to the event. He alleged that the ‘BJP is trying to create a false sense of religious harmony and brotherhood to get votes in the elections’. He further claimed that the community which constitutes 20% of the country’s population, is not given proper representation in the Parliament.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • We have democracy in India. Elections are held to get into the Parliament. If this 20% population want to go to Parliament, they should contest and win elections. They cannot do this, so making such an accusation is fallacious.
  • Why Brittas does not talk about what was there in Ayodhya, Mathura and Kashi in the past and who built what here later
  • Communists rejected India’s history and attempted to spread Hindu hatred and pamper minorities on every platform. Therefore, making such statements is ideological terrorism of communists !