A family in Balrampur (UP) threatened to be killed if they didn’t convert the religion !

  • Dictatorship of the religious fanatics in Muslim dominated region !
  • Spitted on the photos of Deities
  • Threatened to leave the city if didn’t convert the religion
  • 3 religious fanatics arrested
The scene of the incident

Balrampur (UP) – A Hindu family, living in a Muslim-dominated area in Uttar Pradesh’s Balrampur, was threatened to convert their religion. After filing a complaint about this matter at the Police station, 7 individuals have been charged and 3 of them have been arrested. The Police have assured to arrest the rest of them soon.

1. Deepa Nishad from the family said in her complaint that her family was pressured to convert their Islam due to the presence of a Muslim-dominated population in the locality. She was asked to sell her house and leave if she failed to do so. She also received death threats for the same. According to the FIR, complainant Deepa alleged that “neighbouring Muslim women spit on the temple built in her house and said that now your temple has become impure. Now you have become a Muslim.”

2. 3 videos of this incident have been posted on social media. The Muslim is seen talking to the family of this woman in abusive language, attacking the house with sticks and bricks and spitting.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Hindus feel such incidents should not occur in a BJP-ruled State like UP ! The family should be urgently provided protection and the Government should create pressure on the religious fanatics where Hindus are in the minority!
  • Considering the situation of Hindus in a Muslim-dominated area, the establishment of a Hindu Rashtra becomes inevitable !

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