Citizens of 104 democratic countries in the world, including the US, want a strong leader !

  • People are getting disappointed with democracy !
  • Half of the world’s democracies in decline !

Stockholm (Sweden) – According to the annual report of the ‘International Institute of Democracy and Electoral Assistance’ (International IDEA), as per the study of the political situation of 104 countries of the world, including the United States, there has been a change in the values ​​and the way of thinking of people in democratic countries. People there now need a strong leader.

The report further states that,

1. In 2009, only 38% of people wanted a more powerful leader. Now, 52% of people, i.e., more than half of the population in the world’s 77 democracies, want their country to be controlled by a strong leader.

2. A decade ago, the rate of decline of democracy was 12%; however, now it is 50%. These countries include the US, Brazil, France, Britain, and India. Government repression has increased in non-democratic countries such as Afghanistan and Belarus. People in the most democratically inclined countries like the US and Britain are currently facing food shortages, inflation, rising electricity prices, and recession. People hold only the rulers responsible for many problems in democratic countries.

3. The rapidly increasing inequality in the world and lack of trust in elections are the same reasons for the weakening of democracy in almost all the democratic countries of the world. Political polarisation took place in these countries. Due to this, people’s faith in democratic institutions is depleted. There were malpractices in the elections. Even where it did not happen, people do not believe that elections were held honestly. In a democracy that talks about the equality of citizens, inequality has grown exponentially. So people are getting disappointed with democracy.

4. This year saw democracy threatened in half the world. Ukraine, which was devastated by the Russian invasion, is the biggest example of this. The war is still on. The world is looking at it as democracy versus dictatorship. In an interview with Time magazine, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy warned the world that if we perish, so will the democracy that shines in your skies.

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