COVID retreated because of Jesus : Inane claim of Telangana Health Director G Srinivas Rao

Hyderabad (Telangana) – On 21st December, while participating in the Semi-Christmas celebrations held in the Bhadradri Kothagudem District, Telangana Health Director Srinivas said, “Christianity is the reason for India’s development. It is because of the grace of Jesus Christ that Covid has decreased. Many people think that it has decreased because we are doing good, but that is not the reality. The cases have reduced because of Jesus Christ”. He also hailed Christianity for teaching mankind the art of survival.

He reportedly added, “The existence of humankind is in danger. There are many Gods but Jesus is the only one who walked on earth”. Srinivas said that the ancestors saw all this and they said it to future generations. He exhorted people to carry the message of Jesus Christ and convey it to future generations, regardless of caste and religion.

Contrary to Telangana Health Director’s evangelical proclamations, India managed to blunt the deadly wave of coronavirus because of several factors, including its strategy to impose stringent lockdown that helped in reducing community infection, manufacturing of efficacious vaccines, and smooth implementation of the inoculation programme.

Editorial Viewpoint

It will not be surprising if Indian citizens feel that Christians of Rao’s ilk will go to any extent, irrespective of their ‘responsible’ positions, to show their own country in poor light and promote their religion !