National Archives of India has no record of the wars of 1962, 1965 and 1971 !

New Delhi – The National Archives of India (NAI) has no record of the wars of 1962, 1965 and 1971 and the Green Revolution. Director General of Archives Chandan Sinha told that many Central Ministries and related departments have not shared their records of these historical events with the NAI.

Sinha added, ‘NAI keeps and conserves records of the Government of India and its organisations only. It does not receive classified documents. Records management is an essential aspect of Government. There are several ministries that have not shared their records with the NAI since Independence. There are several such issues in certain such areas which I am very sad to share with you that we do not have any records of. Indeed, the question that we must face is that are we losing a large part of our history since Independence’ ?

What are the National Archives of India ?

A place where records of historical events are preserved is called an ‘Archive’. Archives preserve important old documents, old films, documents of world treaties, etc. They provide references to original documents. Historical events of that time can be studied. The language and scripts of the time can be traced. Chronology can be determined. Historical heritage can be transferred to future generations.

Editorial Viewpoint

It is a shame not to keep a record of important events in the history of India ! Action must be taken against those who are responsible for this !

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