A young Muslim girl from Uttar Pradesh has accepted Hindu Dharma !

Muzaffarnagar (Uttar Pradesh) – A Muslim girl named Gulfasa from Shamli recently converted to Hindu Dharma at Yoga Sadhana Yashveer Ashram in Kasba Bagra. Brahmachari Swami Yashveerji Maharaj said that Gulfasa belongs to the Ansari (weaver) caste of Kairana town in Shamli and is unmarried. This 32-year-old girl has accepted Hindu Dharma according to her own free will. Brahmachari Mrigendra initiated her into Hindu Dharma by performing religious rituals. About 150 years ago her family converted from Hindu Dharma to embrace Islam.

Brahmachari Swami Yashveerji Maharaj said, by converting a Muslim girl to Hindu Dharma, a proper tribute has been paid to Swami Shraddhanand, who had started the movement during the time of pre-independence to prevent the conversion of Hindus. Gulfasa has now been named Pooja according to Hindu Dharma. Pooja, who has converted to Hindu Dharma, said that she had converted to Hindu Dharma out of her own free will.

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