Locals oppose illegal construction of church in Valsad District, Gujarat !

Church is built even when there is not a single Christian in the village

Valsad (Gujarat) – The residents of Shahuda village in Kaprada Taluka, Valsad District of Gujarat have opposed to illegal construction of a church. The residents claim that there is not a single Christian resident in Shahuda village, but a church is being constructed, disregarding the Gram panchayat’s instructions. The residents have even registered a complaint with the District Collector’s office regarding the illegal construction. (Why do Hindus need to complain ? Why doesn’t the Government administration take action on its own ?  – Editor)

1. It has been stated in the complaint that a person working in the Forest Department viz Chandarbhai Chaudhary is responsible for encouraging illegal construction. He also claims to be a Christian.

2. The locals claim that Chandarbhai was helping with the construction, although Gram panchayat’s permission is not obtained. They also feel any untoward thing may happen, in the absence of appropriate action by the local administration.

3. The local residents also complained about poor and uneducated people being lured into converting to Christianity. They are told wrong, degrading things about Hindu Deities and are influenced to convert.

4. As per the information given by the local sources, a public programme was held in the month of July 2022 for conversion, and 90 people from 20 families adopted Christianity.

5. A complaint was lodged on behalf of the Gram panchayat against such illegal conversion, but the residents accused that no action has yet been taken on the same.

6. Earlier, a church was constructed by demolishing an ancient Hindu temple at Songadh in Tapi District.

Editorial viewpoint

Fanatic Christians daring to illegally construct a church, despite the Government of a pro-Hindu party like BJP ruling in Gujarat, is quite infuriating ! Stringent action needs to be taken against such people !

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