Karnataka Government to bring a bill to ban halal meat

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – The Karnataka Government is going to bring an anti-Halal Bill to prohibit Halal meat in its winter session of the Karnataka Assembly. The Opposition parties are already against this Bill.

BJP MLC N Ravikumar has taken the initiative to introduce the Bill demanding to ban food certification by any organisation other than the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). Alleging that several organisations are charging money for issuing this certification in an unauthorised manner, Ravikumar said, “The Halal certification, which was earlier restricted to meat, has now been extended to various products like cosmetic goods, food items, among other things”.

(Credit : TIMES NOW)

“FSSAI is the Government agency that gives the certification. But who permitted these Muslim organisations to certify Halal products ? They are not a certified authority to do this. They charge lakhs of Rupees to give Halal Certification. Where does this money go ?”, Ravikumar had asked.

If this Bill is passed, Karnataka would become the first State to ban Halal meat. The Halal issue had triggered unrest in April 2022 during the Ugadi festival, when a Hindu organisation had demanded boycotting Halal meat.

Halal meat is legally banned in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Cyprus, Austria and Greece. Brazil, Australia, France, China and India are among the

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