Six out of ten Indians boycott Chinese products : Findings of a survey

Mobile phones and similar products, however, report an increase in buyers !

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New Delhi – There is tension between Chinese and Indian armies on the Indo-China border at Yangtse in Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh. Against this background, a social organisation viz. ‘Local Circle’ conducted a survey wherein it was observed that out of ten people, 6 have boycotted Chinese products in India during the last year.

1. This organisation recorded the opinions of more than 40,000 people from various cities in 319 Districts across the country.

2. People were asked the reason for the decrease in the purchase of Chinese products, and 58% of people stated that they boycotted Chinese products due to the continuous tension with China.

3. Cost, quality, and good customer service were stated to be the reasons for switching to Indian products by 28% of people in the survey. 11% of people stated that they buy Indian products after checking their quality and cost; 8% of the people said that they preferred to buy foreign products while 8% of the people said that products of their choice or products of renowned companies were not available online, therefore, they had to buy Chinese products.

4. In the survey, 35% of the people said that they bought Chinese electronics gadgets last year and 14% of people said that during their festive shopping, they purchased illuminating lights from Chinese companies.

5. There was no Chinese app on the phones of 59% of people, while on the phones of 29% of people, there was one or more than one Chinese app.

6. As per the survey, the sale of Chinese mobile phones or similar gadgets is still high in India, and is increasing.

Editorial viewpoint

It is observed that there are no proper indigenous options for Chinese mobile phones and similar gadgets, therefore, Indians are still buying these Chinese products ! Indian Government needs to encourage entrepreneurs for manufacturing these products in India !

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