ASI became paralysed after BJP came to power in the Centre !

Allegation of Archaeologist KK Mohammed and ex-officer of the Archaeological department in his autobiography

Archaeologist KK Mohammed

New Delhi – Archaeologist KK Mohammed, who claims to have seen the remains of the Ram temple for the first time under the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya, has recently released autobiography titled “An Indian I Am”. In it he has made an allegation against the Central Government. He said, ‘ASI is in a paralysed state since 2014 when the BJP Government came to power in the centre.’  Mahesh Sharma ex-Central Minister said ‘I have read the book. I am examining this point and if necessary, will take action’.

1. KK Mohammed wrote in the book that in 2014 when the saffron party came to power, it reduced the financial powers of the Superintendent Archaeologists from Rs 25 lakh to Rs 3 lakh. Because of which they could not do any conservation work on monuments and temples. For every little thing sanction from the Delhi Head Office was needed.

2. KK Mohammed added after BJP came to power, the general public had expected a change in the field of culture. He said, during the Congress rule he reconstructed 80 temples at Bateshwar in Chambal region in Madhya Pradesh using financial power of Rs 25 lakh. He further said, it is sad that during the last seven years of BJP rule, not a single temple has been rebuilt in Bateshwar.

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