Eighty individuals left Islam : ‘Gharwapsi’ in the Rampur District of Uttar Pradesh

(Right side)  Azam Khan, a leader of the Samajwadi Party

Muzaffarnagar – Muzaffarnagar in the Rampur District of Uttar Pradesh witnessed the Gharwapsi or return to the Hindu Dharma of 80 individuals belonging to 12 families. Maharaj Yasvirji of ‘Yoga Sadhana Ashram’ in Baghara Block purified everyone by sprinkling Ganga water on them and placing ‘yadnopavit’ or sacred thread on them; then chanting the Gayatri Mantra offered offerings in the fire sacrifice to bring them back into the Hindu Dharma or the ‘Gharwapsi’. They have accused the fanatical leader of the Samajwadi Party Azam Khan, they said ‘Twelve years ago Azam Khan forced us to change our religion. Azam Khan’s goons have taken over our lands and property.’

1. A lady who was earlier ‘Harajana’ and now ‘Savita’ said, ‘I accepted Islam because of the pressure of Azam Khan. Our land and money were grabbed. Thousands of individuals were harassed and oppressed by Azam Khan. Now we are happy to have returned to our people

2. Yashvir Maharaj, credited for bringing all Hindus back to the Hindu Dharma, said, ‘80 members of some families of the Rampur’s Dhobi community have returned to the Dharma. Approximately 530 individuals have been brought back into the Hindu Dharma till now.

Editorial viewpoints

  • A serious charge that they accepted Islam because of the terror they felt of the Samajwadi Party’s leader Azam Khan !
  • Azam Khan is presently in prison. This shows how the Samajwadi Party when in power oppressed the Hindus through their fanatical Muslim leaders and gangsters.
  • It is necessary that Hindu organisations work on a war footing to bring back into Hindu Dharma all those who accepted Islam out of fear !

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