Varanasi : Accept Islam messages being sent through WhatsApp

Police are investigating the matter after the complaint

Varanasi (UP) – Some Muslims are urging citizens to convert through WhatsApp. In this, complete information about Islam is given and an appeal is made to accept Islam. Many people in Varanasi are receiving such messages on their WhatsApp. Mrityunjay, an entrepreneur from Banaras Hindu University filed a Police complaint in this case. According to Varanasi Police, this case has been handed over to ‘Cyber ​​Cell’. Action will be taken against the culprits as soon as the report is received after the investigation.

(Credit : Capital TV Uttar Pradesh)

Mrityunjay’s WhatsApp message said, “Welcome to our ‘chat’ (conversation). You can freely ask anything about Islam. I can help you convert to Islam.’ Along with this, the sender also sent information about the rise and history of Islam. Mrityunjay said that others known to him had also received such messages.

Editorial viewpoint

Will Hindus dare to try such an act ? Hindus never convert others in secular Countries. It is shameful for Hindus that Muslims and Christians are constantly trying to convert them by hook or crook.

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