Muslim women had stopped going to Mosques as clerics molest and their disciples try to rape them

Bold statement by Deoband’s Maulana (a religious scholar) Rao Musharraf, Muslim National Forum Aligarh District coordinator

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Aligarh (UP) – Shabbir Ahmed Siddiqui, cleric of Jama Masjid in Ahmedabad appealed that ‘women should not be nominated in elections’. Deoband’s Maulana Rao Musharraf, Muslim National Forum Aligarh District coordinator, criticised this. He said, “In Islam, women are not prohibited from going to the Mosque. Muslim women had stopped going to the Mosque because the cleric of the Mosque used to molest women. Their disciples beat them and used to try to rape women”.

Further, he added, “Islam decrees equality of women. When women go to perform Hajj, there is no hindrance. Islam decrees, both men and women go to perform Hajj. There is no restriction on going to the Mosque. Nor is it written in the Quran and Hadith (a report attributed to the Prophet Muhammad, describing his words and actions) that women are not allowed to go to the Mosque”. If Islam had not given equal rights to women, how would both Benazir Bhutto and Sheikh Hasina have reached the post of Prime Minister ? The speech of people like cleric Shabbir should be banned. Law in India gives equal right to women. Right from voting to contesting elections.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • It no longer requires anyone else’s opinion since Maulana himself has revealed it.
  • In a Mosque where Muslim women are victims of religious perverts, how are women and girls of other faiths supposed to be protected from them ?

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