Student denied entry to school for wearing Ayyappa Mala in Bhagyanagar Telangana

Ayyappa devotees staged a protest in front of the school

Hyderabad (Telangana) – On 30th November at Ayyappa Swamy Mohuns School in Hyderabad, a class 6th student was allegedly abused for wearing an Ayyappa Mala and was asked to remove it by his class teacher. 41 days of fasting is observed by the devotees visiting Sabrimala Ayyappa Swamy Temple in Kerala. Devotees who observe this Vrat compulsorily must wear black clothing and tilak. Some of the students in the class were observing this Vrat. They were forced to remove the black cloths and wipe off the tilak from their foreheads. Ayyappa Swamy devotees staged a protest in front of the school and demanded that the students be allowed to enter the school.

A similar incident took place on 23rd November at Singareni High School in Mandamari, after a Class 10th student was denied entry into the school for wearing the Ayyappa Mala. As per the report by local news agencies, the student’s father alleged that his son was denied admission to the school for wearing Ayyappa Mala.

(Ayyappa Mala is made of Rudraksh, Raktachandan and Tulsi)

Editorial Viewpoints

  • It is outrageous to see that the school running in the name of Ayyappa denies students wearing Ayyappa Mala !
  • In a Hindu-majority country India, parents should enrol their children only in schools that enrich them religiously, morally and intellectually. Also, the Hindus must take responsibility of creating such schools in the country.

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