The Muslim shops in the Subramanya Temple premises in Harihar town in Karnataka removed and banned

They had set up shop by submitting a false ID card !

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Kodagu (Karnataka) – Near the Harihara Subramanya Temple in Ponnampet in Kodagu district many Muslims had set up shops using false identity papers showing themselves as Hindus. Now, these shops have been removed. Earlier elsewhere in the State Muslim traders were denied permission to set up shops near the Temples.

1. Ambika, a college lecturer and the district coordinator of the Durga Vahini, a Hindutva group, told Muslim traders that they were not allowed to conduct business near the temple. They didn’t have the necessity to hide their ID card to carry out business here. They could have come here showing their real ID cards. Despite us saying this they used false ID cards. Now we won’t let them do business here.

2. For the past few months, there has been an agitation in the Kodagu district against Muslims doing business near the Temples.  Against this background, the Muslim Traders had come out to protest against the ban during Temple Melas.

3. Vishwa Hindu Parishad and the Bajrang Dal submitted a memorandum to the Municipal Corporation Bangalore requesting a ban on Muslim traders near the Temple Compound.

4. J.C. Madhu Swamy Minister of Law has said in this context, according to the Government Laws the Temple Administration is allowed to ban traders. This point was also discussed in the Vidhan Sabha of Karnataka

Editorial viewpoints

  • Hiding one’s identity for Love Jihad is a menace in this country, and now hiding true identity for business in temple premises ! What kind of jihad this could be ?
  • It is but natural that the Hindu devotees who buy Prasad from such people to offer to the Deity would be suspicious of the ‘spit jihad’ on the  offerings.

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