All the Muslims living in India were Hindus : Ghulam Ghaus

Janata Dal (United) Legislative Council MLA Ghulam Ghaus

Patna (Bihar) – Janata Dal (United) Legislative Council MLA Ghulam Ghaus in a programme in the council stated that all Indian Muslims are descendants of Hindus. The Brahmanical system and atrocities due to the Brahmanical system led people to convert to Islam.

1. He praised PM Narendra Modi and said, “I thank Prime Minister Narendra Modi for picking up the issue of the Pasmanda community. He is the first PM of India to talk on such an issue. Earlier political leaders have talked about privileged Muslims but not about the backward Muslims.”

2. Ghaus further said, “If Dalit and backward communities in Hinduism will be treated in a better way and provided all the welfare programmes why will they get converted to another religion ? The political parties who say Muslims are in danger, Hindus are in danger, nothing is in danger only their political position is in danger,” said Ghulam Ghuas.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • If Ghulam Ghaus accepts this truth, why doesn`t he ask his fellow Muslims to return to their original Hindu religion ? Why are they living a life of slavery ? Why is he not asking this question to himself and the other Muslims ?
  • Ghaus has told only a half-truth. All Indian Muslims were indeed Hindus. However, they did not convert to Islam due to the Brahmanical system, they were forcibly converted by the Mughals and other Islamic invaders, this is the rest of the truth ! Please note that Ghaus is hiding this part deliberately to convey that Hindus are the reason for the conversion of other Hindus to Islam.
  • Doesn’t he know that those who convert; do it due to the lure and pressure ?

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