I was pressurised to sign illegal papers !

A serious accusation by Governor Arif Mohammad Khan against Kerala Govt !

(Left side) Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan

New Delhi – I am accused of interfering in the administration of Kerala Government, but I challenge the Pinarayi Vijayan Government to show a single piece of evidence against me where I have gone against the Constitution as a Governor and interfered in their work. I will immediately resign if such proof is given, stated Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan in a programme held by an English newspaper. He made serious allegations against the Kerala Government, stating that he was pressurised to sign illegal papers. Governor Khan has demanded the resignation of all 11 vice-chancellors of universities in Kerala in the context of the controversy about their appointments, therefore, he is being accused.

Appointments in the State offices encouraging nepotism !

Khan further criticised the Kerala Government for nepotism while appointing persons to various offices in different universities, as preference is given to persons from the ruling Communist (Marxist) Party or their relatives.

Editorial viewpoint

The Central Government needs to probe into the matter since the accusations made by the Governor are of serious nature !