Western countries should accept India’s foreign policy !

Foreign Minister Jaishankar’s firm statement about the Russian – Ukraine conflict !

India’s Foreign Minister Dr S Jaishankar

New Delhi – “I am not running a foreign policy for the demands of other people. (My foreign policy) is for what is in my country’s and my people’s interest. India’s Foreign Policy, for a certain period, was according to the norms set by others. Hence, now they too have to accept India’s norm. This is the firm statement made by India’s Foreign Minister Dr S Jaishankar at a seminar organised by a English news channel. Western countries are urging India to take the side of one in the Russia-Ukraine war. India has been taking a non-aligned stand in the Russia -Ukraine war. Jaishankar was clarifying India’s this stand.

1. Dr Jaishankar added, ‘I believe that India’s interests are well served. (We) advocate sovereignty and want the conflict to end. And I think that is the right thing to do. Had I done what the US said, I would have been of no use to anyone including myself.’

2. He accepted that Pakistan is a safe haven for Jihadi terrorists. Jaishankar said that in international relations, it is impossible for two countries to have identical views on issues. Underlining that the world is a tough place, Jaishankar said that ‘it cannot be an easy place for India’ too.

3. Indirectly slamming the previous Governments that resulted in the debacle of 1962 with China, Jaishankar said that the places where the Chinese villages are now coming up along the LAC are in ‘areas we lost in 1962’.

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