The purport of releasing former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s assassins

Advocate Virendra Ichalkaranjikar

The Supreme Court ordered the release of the assassins of the former Prime Minister and Congress leader Rajiv Gandhi.
The order has been issued more than 30 years after the assassination. The reason given was – the good behaviour of 6 convicts in jail.

1. Does the Tamil individuality consider these 6 convicts as killers ?

Now, these 6 convicts will come out of jail. Of these 6 is Nalini i.e., a woman. Tamil Nadu – Rajiv Gandhi – LTTE is an old triangle. Discussions will now start again on this topic. There are two possibilities – one is that the 6 convicts would either lead a normal peaceful life after their release or the second – in the coming times, they may represent Tamil individuality or will be forced to do so. One cannot rule out the possibility of their contesting the State Legislative or Parliamentary elections.

We will have to decipher its various meanings in the future. It is too soon to say anything since the order has just been passed. Yet, the Congressmen have reacted to their release. How long should Congress shed tears over this matter, is also a question because they will have to keep in mind the coming elections. Whether Tamil individuality considers these 6 people as killers is a secondary issue. At that time, it was felt that instead of helping Tamilians in Sri Lanka, Rajiv Gandhi sent a ‘Peace Force’ and increased disturbance in the minds of Indians, and he was assassinated in revenge. This was an example of how foreign policy does not remain limited to the other country, but how it also internally affects the home country. So far, India has not helped Hindus who are living in Pakistan or Bangladesh. There is, however, not much displeasure expressed over the issue. Politics and social causes are always interconnected. As a result of Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination, an unpleasant and unacceptable chapter was opened in Indian politics. Only time will tell what will be the consequences of the release of the 6 convicts !

2. Will it help Dara Singh’s case ?

The pro-Hindu activists are thinking if there is any hope for Dara Singh, who has been languishing in a jail in Odisha for killing a Christian missionary, Graham Staines. Will the decision in the case of Rajiv Gandhi’s killers open the door for Dara Singh’s release ? It also needs to be noted that getting released after undergoing imprisonment for a crime does not amount to settling of account for the wrong deed as per ‘Karmaphalanyaya’ (Result of an action). Under the Indian social system, however, when one is released after due punishment, it is considered to be the end of the matter. There is now probably a need to hold a debate over this issue.

– Advocate Virendra Ichalkaranjikar (National President, Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad) (11.11.2022)

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