How many times will the Pope seek forgiveness for the sins of his Pastors ?

Mr Ramesh Shinde

1. Immoral acts of Christian Pastors who teach compassion, mercy and peace

The sins committed by the Christians in the name of Jesus Christ are endless, though they claim to be the delegates of compassion, mercy and peace in the world. Though the Christians claim that even if you perform good deeds and work for the welfare of people, you will remain a sinner till you don’t surrender to Jesus Christ and you will burn in the fire of hell. The moment you become a Christian and treat Jesus as your saviour, all your sins will be absolved in a jiffy and God will suffer the punishment for your sins. Is this the reason why Pastors commit sins fearlessly without heed to morality – sins such as sexual exploitation in Churches and Church-run schools, centres, homes, etc ?

2. Christians glorify Pastors who are involved in sexual exploitation

Do the sin, pain and grief of aggrieved children end by seeking forgiveness ? Its biggest example is in Kerala in the form of Pastor Franco Mulakkal. When Mulakkal was granted bail in one case of sexual exploitation, he was welcomed with a shower of flowers, while the aggrieved nun, who faced exploitation at his hands, was immediately expelled by the Church. Should this be called justice ?

3. Media is mum over the sexual exploitation in Christian organisations, while they spew venom against Hindu Saints and Seers about their alleged wrong deeds

In Kerala, Nun Jesme has written a book titled ‘Amen – The Autobiography of a Nun’, which exposes the sins of Pastors in Churches. Yet, neither the Church nor the Government is taking any action. Only the Pope is going everywhere seeking forgiveness. Owing to such a practice – of defending the wrongdoers – that misdeeds in schools and orphanages run by the Church at Navi Mumbai, are now coming forth. Even the Police avoid investigations in such cases. After arresting the Pastor, no Trustee of the Church was called for a simple inquiry. The secular media is also mum on this issue. If such a thing had happened in a Hindu Trust, then … !

4. Few tainted examples from Church history

A. From the time of the religious crusades that took place hundreds of years ago, the Church is responsible for crimes, such as the inquisitions, women being called witches and then burned alive, killings of Jews, etc. in Spain, Portugal, Mexico and Peru. As per an estimate, more than one lakh women were declared witches and killed between 1450 and 1750. Christian brave warrior Joan of Arc was also one of those who was killed because her bravery was not approved of.

B. On 25th December 1881, fanatic Christians brutally killed 12 Jews in Warsaw (Poland), and raped many women.

C. In March 2000, Pope John Paul II sought forgiveness for sins committed by individuals in the Churches without giving any reference or name of any individual offenders.

D. Some months ago in Canada, graves of over 1000 children were found in two residential schools established by the Churches. Through many such schools (from 1876 to 1996), millions of people from the indigenous peoples of Canada were converted to Christianity.

5. Indian laws need to be made more effective so as to administer appropriate punishment to Pastors involved in sexual exploitation

A few weeks ago Pope Francis decried the information as shameful that in 70 years, Pastors in Churches had sexually exploited 3.3 lakh children. It is not new for the Roman Catholic Church to express remorse or seek forgiveness for historical blunders or crimes. In 2008, Pope Benedict XVI and in 2018, the current Pope Francis openly sought mercy. We don’t know when the Pastors, who are involved in sexual exploitation, will be forgiven by their God based on their confessions; but India’s Constitution and laws should be made more effective to punish them for their wrong deeds.

– Mr Ramesh Shinde, National Spokesperson, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (3.11.2022)

India’s Constitution and laws should be made more effective to punish the Pastors and clergy for their wrong deeds !

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