Pieces of meat found in the icebox at Faizal’s juice centre in Bareilly (UP)

Bareilly (Uttar Pradesh) – An agitation and unrest started after news of pieces of meat being found in the ice box at a juice centre (sugarcane juice) here. The shopkeeper had placed in the ice pieces of meat wrapped in black-colored paper. Kamal Rana of the Hindu Yuva Vahini accuses, ‘I have seen the shopkeeper Acche Miya (Faizal) doing this’. The video of this is viral on social media. Police have arrested Faizal. The Police have said that further investigation of the case is going on.

(Credit : ZEE NEWS)

1. Kamal Rana activist of the Hindu Yuva Vahini had gone to drink sugarcane juice at Didipuram square. He got suspicious, on seeing red colour in the icebox.

2. He asked the shopkeeper Faizal to open the icebox. He found pieces of meat wrapped in black paper between the ice pieces. On enquiring about it the shopkeeper became angry and started to fight. After this Rana filed a Police complaint.

3. The Hindu Yuva Vahini says that this is a part of a larger conspiracy. They say it is a plan to corrupt the people from their dharma. Kamal has demanded that appropriate action should be taken against Faizal.

Editorial viewpoint

Earlier there were incidents of Muslims spitting on the food that was being served in the restaurants. Now, by giving sugarcane juice which has ice from an ice box that has meat in it is a despicable attempt to corrupt Hindus from their faith. An in-depth investigation is necessary into this matter !