Muslim gold smugglers used fake Hindu names 

Suspicion of funding for jihadist terrorist activities 

Patna (Bihar) – A few days ago, three people were arrested at the airport for gold smuggling. They were seized with 1.5 kg of gold worth Rs 77 lakh. In order to hide their identities, two of them used fake Hindu names Hitesh and Arun during interrogation. The third Muslim’s name was not changed, but his address was fake. Their real names are Mohammad Afsar and Mohammad Rizwan, while the third one gave his real name as Mohammad Arif. The Police are investigating this case from the perspective of aiding jihadist terrorism financially.

1. On 10th November, the accused landed at Patna airport by an Indigo flight from Ahmedabad. Custom officials seized a gold bar with a hologram of Dubai from them at that time.

2.  A further investigation revealed that they were traveling with forged voter identification cards. Two of these three were from Delhi, and one was from Ahmedabad.

3. There is no clear indication of who owns the seized gold or who is leading this smuggling operation. During interrogation, they were told that gold was placed prior under their flight seats by someone referred as Aaka (master). Officials are investigating how gold from Dubai has reached Ahmedabad.

Editorial viewpoint 

In the past, Muslims have adopted Hindu names for Love Jihad, but now it has come to light that Hindu names are also used for conspiracies of smuggling in order to finance terrorism.