3,000 visas confirmed for Indian youth for jobs and business !

Announcement by PM Rishi Sunak’s Government after the 1st meeting between PM Modi and PM Sunak !

(Left side) 1st Indian origin British PM Rishi Sunak and PM Narendra Modi 

Bali (Indonesia) – PM Narendra Modi and 1st Indian origin British PM Rishi Sunak met at the G20 summit organised at Bali. They discussed some important matters. After this meeting, UK confirmed a scheme through which they approved 3,000 visas for Indian youth which will benefit them for jobs and business. From the age group of 18 to 30 years, 3,000 educated youth will be able to go to UK for work.

1/4th of all the foreign students going to UK for studies are Indians. Also, because of Indian investment, 95% of the Britishers are able to get work. The discussion on a business contract is still said to be in progress between them. If the contract gets confirmed, it will be the 1st business contract of India with a European country.

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