Muslims are running a love jihad mission in the country : Union Minister Giriraj Singh

(Right side) Union Minister Giriraj Singh

New Delhi – Shraddha Walker, a Hindu girl was brutally murdered and her dead body was cut into pieces. Union Minister Giriraj Singh responded to the incident saying, ‘this is unfortunate. Muslims are running a love jihad mission in the country. Muslim youths conspire to lure Hindu girls into a love trap and then abandon them or murder them and cut them into pieces.’

Aftab brought a date home after murdering Shraddha

Aftab Poonawalla who was in a live-in relationship with Shraddha Walker has been arrested by the Police and is giving many shocking details during the Police investigation. After meeting Shraddha on the dating app ‘Bumble’, Aftab deleted the dating app, which he downloaded again on his mobile phone after murdering her. He met another girl through the same dating app and brought her home. This was revealed in the primary investigation by the Police.

Editorial Viewpoint

Giriraj Singh should ask his Government to prevent the incidents of love jihad by passing a strict law against it in the country and making provisions for the death penalty for the guilty.

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