Demand to ban film ‘The Kerala Story’ !

  • Congress feels it may create communal disharmony in the State !
  • Case filed against the film after orders issued by DGP !
  • The film claims of conversion of 32,000 Hindu and Christian young women, making them terrorists !

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) – Congress party in Kerala has demanded the imposition of a ban on the forthcoming film ‘The Kerala Story’ directed by Sudipto Sen. Earlier, the Director-General of Police (DGP) of Kerala ordered the Police Commissioner of Thiruvananthapuram city to file a case against this film. Such an order was issued since the film shows Kerala giving shelter to terrorists. A case has been filed under Sections 153 A and B against the people associated with the making of this film. On the 3rd of November 2022, this film’s teaser was released wherein the film showed 32,000 Hindu and Christian young women converted in Kerala and made terrorists.

(Credit : Hindustan Times)

If the Central Investigation machinery has information regarding such 32,000 young women, it should be made public ! – Congress  

Congress leader and opposition party leader V D Satheesan said, “The film is spreading incorrect information; therefore, it should be banned. I have seen its ‘teaser’. No such thing is happening in Kerala. It is an attempt to tarnish Kerala’s image. The film should be banned since it is spreading hatred. We are always against imposing a ban on any film, but the wrong information will create communal tension. The State Police do not have any information regarding 32,000 such young women. If the Central Investigating machinery has information about the young women in Kerala recruited in a terrorist organisation, or have their addresses, they should publish such information.”

What is shown in the ‘teaser’ ?

(Credit : Sunshine Pictures)

In the ‘teaser’ of ‘The Kerala Story’, a young woman wearing a ‘burqa’ is saying, “My name is Shalini Unnikrishnan. I wanted to be a nurse and serve people. Now, I have become Fatima. I am a terrorist of the Islamic State and am presently in jail in Afghanistan. I am not alone but, 32,000 young women, who were converted earlier, have been buried in the desert in Syria and Yemen. It is a dangerous game going on in Kerala, of converting girls from ordinary homes into terrorists, and that too openly. Will anyone stop it ? It is my story. It is the story of those 32,000 women. It is ‘The Kerala Story’.”

Editorial viewpoints

  • It has been exposed even earlier that Hindu and Christian young women were trapped in ‘love jihad’, then converted, and recruited into Islamic State. Why didn’t Congress say anything about it so far ? Congress should explain.
  • When Hindus demand a ban on any anti-Hindu film, Congress immediately remembers freedom of expression and now, it needs to be noted that the same Congress is throttling freedom of expression for Muslims !  

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