Hindu procession attacked by an Islamist mob in Nepal

Mahottari (Nepal) – On 27th October, a Hindu procession came under attack from a Muslim mob following a dispute over a flag hoisting. Police had to resort to lathi-charge and tear gas to bring the situation under control. In the preceding violence, several people as well as Police officials were injured.
The Islamists also attacked the Police who reached the spot to control the situation. The Islamists were enraged over the Hindus who participated in the procession for hoisting and swaying a flag during the procession.

Rajesh Yadav (President of ‘Hindu Samrat Sena’), described the incident in detail on Sudarshan News channel. Rajesh Yadav, who was severely injured, said that Parariya is a Muslim dominant area and stone pelting began as soon as the procession reached this area. He asserted that the stone pelters included men and women. According to him, about 20 Hindus were left with serious head injuries as a result of stone pelting.

Editorial Viewpoint

  • So far, we had not heard of fanatic Muslims attacking processions of Hindus in Nepal, but it has happened now. The Hindus in Nepal should realise that it is a warning bell for them !
  • Devout Hindu organisations in India should help devout Hindu organisations in Nepal.

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