Religious fanatical mob of Muslims beat up a Hindu man for a minor accident

  • Incident at Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh
  • Police constable also beaten up

Bareilly (UP) – In an outrageous incident that took place in Bareilly, a Hindu man with tilak on his forehead and a Kalava (sacred thread) tied on his wrist was beaten up by a mob of Muslims over a minor accident. The victim was attacked over a minor collision that occurred between a two-wheeler and a bicycle on the Lucknow-Dehli National Highway. Police have arrested 2 people in this case.

1. Kanta Prasad Verma was riding a two-wheeler when his bike collided with the bicycle of Zeeshan and Zakir. Verma then apologised to Zeeshan and Zakir; however, seeing the tilak on his forehead, Kalava on his wrist and the locket of the Hindu Deity on his neck, a mob of Muslims immediately gathered, surrounded him and beat him up. The mob was shouting ‘Thrash him, he is a Hindu’. As there were a large number of Muslims in the mob, no one else came forward to save Verma.

2. At that time Police constable Prabhat Kumar tried to stop the beating by bringing a Muslim youth as an intermediary, but Muslims also thrashed Prabhat Kumar. The assailants then fled from the spot.

The Police made ‘religious hatred and assault on the Police’ to be omitted from the complaint !

Editorial viewpoint

Hindus do not expect this kind of treatment from the Police in Uttar Pradesh ! Such Police should be severely punished !

In this case, Kanta Prasad Verma said that I had to modify the complaint as told by the Police. The Police asked not to mention ‘religious hatred and an assault on Police’ in the complaint.

When Police officer Gaurav Singh was asked about modification of the complaint, he said ask the senior officers about this as they would give the appropriate answer.

Editorial Viewpoint

A Hindu being beaten up by a religious fanatic Muslim crowd in broad daylight is not expected especially when there is a BJP Government in Uttar Pradesh ! Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath should take serious cognisance of this incident and order the Police to take strict action against the culprits !