English alphabet taught with Indian sanskruti in a school at Lucknow, UP

Students now learning A for Arjun and B for Balram, … etc. !

Lucknow (UP) – In a 125-year-old college in Aminabad Inter College, instead of giving popular examples for teaching the English alphabet, the references and names from Hindu scriptures are being taught to the children. For example, A for Arjun is a great warrior, B for Balram is the brother of Krushna, etc.

Talking about the unique initiative, Saheb Lal Mishra, Principal at the College said, “Students have less knowledge about Indian culture, so we have done this to enhance their knowledge and increase their knowledge about the culture.” Along with the English alphabet, a book of the Hindi alphabet too is getting ready to promote Indian culture amongst the students. The letters in Hindi are more hence, the book is taking longer.

Editorial viewpoint

Instead of just one school making such efforts, the Central and the State Governments should prepare such books in the curriculum ! In the past 75 years, the lack of efforts to implement such things is shameful for all the ruling parties to date !